Everyone has their own personal Closet Storage challenges, and their own unique tastes.

Whether you are looking to create a prestigious, show stopping Closet, that you can’t wait to show off to your friends, or simply looking to have your closet space organized to help reduce stress, and make day to day life function easier – Arbutus Furniture & Closets design professionals can help you create either, or anything in between!

Reach in closets

A reach-in closet could possibly be the most important space in your home to introduce solutions that help maximize storage.

Since the space is small but also accessible, it requires a combination of high functionality and an aesthetically pleasing layout.

The use of Drawers & Shelves, with differing heights of hanging rods, and other options, can give clothing, shoes, and accessories a home that is both well organized and easily accessible.

A well-designed reach-in closet is a practical space, and can bring harmony to any room by balancing both function and fashion.

Custom wardrobes

A custom wardrobe allows you to design storage where there wasn’t any before.

Our designers can create a functional wardrobe that organizes clothes, accessories, and other belongings – all behind closed doors.

A well-designed wardrobe is like adding a piece of custom furniture that fits your specific storage needs and your individual design tastes.

Specific finishes, decorative accessories, and tastefully chosen doors can be crafted to fit naturally into your space – giving you additional organized space and functionality which you never used to have.

Walk in closets

A professionally designed walk-in closet allows you to see your clothes and accessories at a glance.

It allows you to walk out ready for your day and return home to an organized, beautiful, and private space.

Unplanned space is underutilized space, and a walk-in closet is a room all its own.

Using beautiful hardware, and smart accessories — your walk-in closet can be like dressing in your own personal boutique.

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