Everyone has their own personal closet storage challenges, and their own unique tastes.

Whether you are looking to create a show stopping closet show off to your friends, or simply looking to have your closet space organized to  make day to day life function easier – Arbutus Furniture & Closets design professionals are here to help!

Reach in closets

Make the most of your closet space! Utilizing hanging, shelving, drawers, laundry systems and more, our reach-in closet designs work with your door configurations, hard-to-reach corners, and pesky access panels to outfit the function of your closets.

Your small closet will feel twice as big when we are done!

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Custom wardrobes

A custom wardrobe lets you design storage where there wasn’t any before.

Our designers can create a functional wardrobe that organizes clothes, accessories, and other belongings – all behind closed doors.

Material finishes, decorative accessories, and tastefully chosen hardware can be crafted to fit naturally into your space – giving you additional organized space and functionality.

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Walk in closets

A professionally designed walk-in closet is a room all its own.

Our designers take unplanned and underutilized spaces and mold them into a home for your clothing. 

Hanging, drawers, and shelves work with stunning materials, hardware and accessories to create a functional space that lets you see all your clothes and accessories at a glance.

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